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Dr. Prodromos Farfaras

Dental Surgeon

Dr. Prodromos Farfaras is a highly qualified dentist with more than 40 years of experience as a dental surgeon. He is an expertise in providing preventative and restorative treatments for problems that affect the mouth and teeth. Dr. Farfaras is a motivated dentist who during his career has attended a high number of seminars, so as to keep his self up to date with new procedures and technical methods.

He is very good at dealing with patients and provides his clients with options and as much information as possible in order to assist them make the best decisions. Most of his patients prefer him and admire him, because through his confidence and positive attitude, helps them assuage their fears and feel comfortable during their treatment in his office. His main goal in the future is to continue broadening his knowledge of advanced dental treatments and procedures.

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Dr. Savvas Farfaras (D.M.D)

Dental Surgeon

Dr. Savvas Farfaras (D.M.D) is a dental surgeon with much knowledge on new procedures and treatments. He graduated school with high grades and after completing his 2 years military service in 2010, he gained a place in University of Debrecen (English program) where he successfully studied for 5 years and now owns an approved degree in dentistry (D.M.D). At University he was one of the top students and he was always portrayed as a hardworking, passionate and highly motivated individual. His studies equipped him with knowledge of new advanced dental topics and procedures.

In addition to this, in the last 2 years of his studies, had the opportunity to practice and work as a dentist in the university’s hospital where he gained much experience and his clients admired his perpetually positive attitude, patience and excellent communication skills. In 2016 – 2017 attended the “Current Concepts in American Dentistry: Advance in Implantology and Oral Rehabilitation” by New York University (NYU). After surgical and theoretical training with the best surgeons on the field of Implantology and oral rehabilitation he gain the knowledge and the experience on different surgical procedures.

In 2018 he attended the “Aesthetic Dentistry Masterclass” of the UCL Eastman Dental Institute, which gave him a lot of knowledge about cosmetic dentistry. In 2019 Dr. Savvas Farfaras completed the “Digital Smile Design (DSD) Residency” in Madrid, were he became a DSD Member. End of 2019 he was trained in “Computer Guided Implant Surgeries” by going to the head quarters of MCenter in Germany, Berlin. Now he is able to design – 3D print – and perform advance Computer Guided Implant Surgeries.

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Agnes Farfaras Szabo


Agnes is a welcoming and comforting dental assistant whose aim is to assist and support the dentist during different treatments and procedures. She is a member of our dental team since 2017. She prepares the treatment room, the patients, the instruments and the materials following all the prescribed procedures and protocols. She is also responsible for sterilizing the instruments and creating a safe and healthy environment for both the doctor and the patients.

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Christina Farfara

Office Manager

Christina is responsible for supervising the financial aspects of the clinic such as the billing. Her aim is also to assist patients by providing any information needed and registering new patients to the clinic effectively. She is the first person patients see as soon as they get into our clinic and she is always willing to assist our patients by booking appointments, answering questions and phones so as the doctor can be concentrated only on the dental operations and treatments.