Dental Implants in Paphos


The dental implant is made of titanium and placed directly into your jawbone, replacing the root of your missing tooth. After the placement, the bone surrounds the implant, and it can hold crowns or dentures. (depends on the number of dental implants)

The first part is to place the implant in the jaw’s bone, replacing the root of the tooth. After 3-4 months that the implant will be fused with the bone (Osseointegrated), we are ready to continue the crown placement. The crown can be glued or screwed retained on the implant.

dental implants paphos
implants paphos computer guided


Computer-guided dental Implants in Paphos

In our clinic, we place the Implants in a computer-guided way, which ensures a very precise and accurate implant placement.

The procedure’s benefit is also the less traumatic technique where we can avoid opening a surgical side (uncovering the bone). This procedure followed in our clinic dramatically reduces post-operative pain and swelling. In fact, some of our patients do not even take a painkiller after the implant placement.

The process

What are the stages for dental implants?

  1. Planning:
    Before we take action, a very thoughtful plan is done on the computer by advanced 3D specialized programs that ensure safe placement of the implant with long term success.
    For Computer-Guided implant surgeries, we take a CBCT scan (3D scan) of your bone and match it with a 3D impression of your jaw.
    After that, we digitally place the implant on the software, and we design a 3D template that will give us the exact direction and depth of the implant. After that, the template (Surgical Guide) is 3D printed by our advanced resin 3D printer using Biocompatible resins. Then, we place the Surgical Guide into the mouth during the surgery, which will guide us to place the implants accurately and, after we are done, is removed from the mouth.
  2. Surgery
    After the planning, the implant is placed in the jawbone under local anaesthesia.
  3. Bone augmentation:
    Bone augmentation is the procedure of replacing the missing bone due to previous infections or due to the early loss of a tooth.
  4. Healing:
    The healing period is when the dental implant is getting surrounded by the bone. It can take from 3 to 4 months to be able to provide a solid base for the crown.
  5. Prosthetic stage:
    After the healing period, we are ready to continue with the placement of the crown. The crown can be glued or screwed retained on the implant.
implants paphos 3d printing